Why should you become a Mason?


Perhaps, you will join because you want to belong to a revered fraternity and count yourself among a long and distinguished line of Americans who are proud to call themselves Masons. Many brothers say the best part of getting involved in Masonry is coaching others as they progress through their journey. Some say it’s the Masons’ connection to their community and their commitment to serve others. Every Mason has his own reasons for joining the Brotherhood. What will yours be? Now is the time…don’t waste another minute.


Membership process


Two Masons will have to recommend you for lodge membership. If they do not already know you, the lodge may invite you to attend open meetings or dinners to better get to know you before accepting your petition. A committee is formed to investigate each candidate, and they will meet with you to ask questions and learn more about you. The committee reports back to the lodge and the candidate is voted on approximately a month later. If accepted, a member of the fraternity contacts the candidate and schedules a date to begin your Masonic journey.


For more information you can also view our Grand Lodge website which offers more detail.


NC Grand Lodge AF&AM


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